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At Brand Connect, we believe a well-designed workspace goes beyond functionality. It’s a powerful tool for embodying a company’s brand identity and creating a lasting first impression. Recently, we partnered with Cormetech, a company renowned for its commitment to both innovation and sustainability, to revitalize their corporate image through a transformative lobby redesign.

3m Di-Noc Architectural finishes

The reception area is often a visitor’s first glimpse into a company’s culture. Our goal for Cormetech was to create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere that reflected their forward-thinking approach. We achieved this by incorporating 3M’s DI-NOC architectural finishes at the reception desk. These innovative materials mimic the look and feel of natural textures, adding warmth and elegance while showcasing Cormetech’s appreciation for cutting-edge solutions.

Three-Dimensional Lettering and Logo

Building brand awareness starts from the moment someone walks through the door. To ensure Cormetech’s brand identity was prominently displayed, we designed and crafted bespoke three-dimensional lettering and logos. These visually striking elements serve as powerful brand ambassadors, instantly communicating Cormetech’s essence to visitors.

A Breathe of Fresh Air

Cormetech’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond its core business. We mirrored this commitment by integrating a stunning wood and green wall into the lobby design. This biophilic element not only provides a visually striking focal point, but also enhances air quality and employee well-being. It perfectly reflects the company’s commitment to both cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility.

Partnering For Success

At Brand Connect, we’re proud to have collaborated with Cormetech on this project. Together, we created a space that not only reflects their brand identity but also sets the stage for continued success.
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